Celebrating St Patrick's Day with Sir Patrick Stewart aboard Starship Enterprise

Captionable Greetings! Free St. Patrick’s eCards

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Share a wee ray o’ sunshine with free St. Patrick’s ecards that have an extra surprise! Below are St. Patrick’s Day picture games you can share for friends’ amusement. No download or signup required. Sir Patrick’s Day Free eCard Game Star Trek fans, this one’s for you. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Sir Patrick Stewart and a pitcher […]

Sampler of free Valentine ecard games by Captionable players

Captionable Greetings! Free Valentine eCard Games

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However you feel about Valentine’s Day, the right ecard can help your holiday along. Below are Valentine’s Day word games you can share as ecards! Find free valentine ecard games for your sweetheart, friends or kids. No download required to send or play.   Funny Pug Valentine eCard Game Do you live the pug life? This […]

Celebrity trivia games headline over Barbara Eden

Celebrity Trivia Games! Classic TV Crushes Edition

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With Valentine’s Day spirit, here we share celebrity trivia games made from pictures of classic TV crushes. Can you name each star’s famous character from the 1980s or earlier? Click a photo to play celebrity trivia! Games are by Captionable player TV Trivia.  1. Maureen McCormick Maureen McCormick became a classic TV crush circa 1970. In […]

A screenshot of gin rummy at hlml5games.org

Free Online Games with No Download

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Save time and avoid computer viruses: Play free online games with no downloads required! Below are links to free arcade games, card games and word games in HTML5. Part 1: Free Arcade Games Play 1970s and ‘80s arcade games without spending your quarters. Your computer is a retro arcade just waiting to happen… Atari Arcade Atari was […]

A pug dog wears a sombrero for Thanksgiving, because that's what they do

Turkey Day on Captionable

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Thanksgiving in the US may be in the rearview mirror but we can still enjoy some of the best Captionables of the 2017 turkey season. Here’s a look… Every holiday season the Captionable community creates some fantastic word games. Memes and jokes are always popular but many people also use Captionable to share family moments. […]

Eddie Vedder walks into a word game

Celebrity Caption Games

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How well can you name Hollywood celebrities? How about historical faces? Test yourself with QuizMe celebrity caption games!   These celebrity word games were created with the free Captionable app for iOS. The Latest QuizMe Celebrity Caption Games  Browsing pictures of celebrities is fun, but PLAYING those pics is even more entertaining. Every day on […]

Friends camping and relaxing. A gentleman smokes an unknown substance.

Explore the outdoors through word games

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Most of us might say that we appreciate the outdoors and that we even “love” nature. But what about backpacking across miles of trails with no other humans in sight? You like camping? What about backcountry, roughing it, no shower, dirt and grime real camping? Spelunking? What about dedicating every moment of your downtime to […]

A Word Game With Unlimited Learning Potential

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Active Engagement Social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram consume modern kids’ attention. Interacting with these apps consists of browsing through photos with not much thought or engagement. Like billboards on a highway, kids scroll past one image after another with very little interaction except for the occasional “like” button. Ay! Captionable shakes things up […]

A Coca-Cola ad with an embedded Captionable word game

Captionable Interactive Ad Scores For UEFA EURO Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” Campaign

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As Portugal celebrated national victory in the UEFA EURO 2016 games, Captionable also celebrated a big win! During the games Captionable’s special widget for “gamefying” ads starred on the UEFA website. Results were outstanding! Captionable’s ad was part of Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” music promotion in partnership with the artist Avicii. Ad viewers had the […]