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Social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram consume modern kids’ attention. Interacting with these apps consists of browsing through photos with not much thought or engagement. Like billboards on a highway, kids scroll past one image after another with very little interaction except for the occasional “like” button. Ay!

Captionable shakes things up with an ACTIVELY ENGAGING social network. Kids use their wits and knowledge to solve captions for shared photos. Skills like spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, problem solving and creative writing are emphasized. Captionable is a social word game that lets you express yourself in a clever way.

Captionable is a game with points, but it isn’t supercompetitive. Captionable is all about sharing, learning and interaction. It’s less about whether or not the caption was easy or difficult to solve; what’s important is how much you enjoy discovering the answer!

Captionable is SIMPLE:

  1. A player chooses an image
  2. Next adding a word, sentence, or any short message
  3. Then they post to all their followers OR send it privately to a single player or a group of players to solve.

Teacher Created Captionables

Captionable makes an engaging study tool. Teacher and parents can create interactive flash cards for any subject for their students to solve. Almost any topic can be covered with Captionable – the sky’s the limit!

Some ideas:

  • Historical people
  • World capitals
  • Mathematical representations
  • Science terms
  • Spanish vocabulary
  • Name that plant, animal, or mineral
  • Greek mythology
  • Human body
  • Trivia

Teachers can easily add a Captionable widget to their class website/blog. The teacher posts a captionable on their user account and it will immediately be reflected on the class website. The students don’t even need to have the app to solve online. It’s a fast and easy way to upload fresh engaging web content for your students. Also teachers can use this as a quick way to get data on student’s comprehension on a particular subject. Please contact us if you’d like a widget for your website.

Students Motivated by Captionable

For the reluctant writer, Captionable can serve as a motivational tool to get kids writing. Students get to choose a photo and write their own caption to make a statement.

This creative writing exercise helps students become more fluent in different writing styles and practice the art of writing succinctly. These skills as well as spelling and grammar are rewarded in Captionable by our peer rating system.

A teacher or parent can easily set up a Captionable group where anyone in the group can post by “Reply All” to send to the rest of the group. Captions sent within a group are private and cannot be viewed by anyone outside the group.

Captionable is truly a versatile app and can be used to fit the needs of each diverse learner and classroom. Whether teachers or students are doing the creating, you will find your students more motivated and intellectually stimulated. We think kids and adults alike can do better than today’s popular social apps. We all have brains so let’s use them.

Captionable is available FREE for download for Apple (iPhone and iPad). It has no inApp purchases or advertising.




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