Play & Make Free Word Games with Captionable
Captionable is a way to add playable, guessable, and laughable captions to your pictures. The Captionable app lets you make word games free to share privately or with the whole Captionable community. (Try to climb our Leaderboard!) Making a puzzle just takes a minute, and you can share old favorites anytime.

Captionable is one of the many image-transforming games in the Spanglr suite. Spanglr is a suite of games that all use player submitted images as a basis. Spanglr takes static media and transforms it into interactive games. Download the free Spanglr app for iOS iMessage or try the full-blown Captionable experience on the stand-alone Captionable iOS app.

You can also use Captionable with iPhone instant messages. Surprise your friends by texting personalized caption games!

Did you know? Website owners can embed Captionable and other Spanglr games into their sites for free. Adding our code lets you “gamify” your images, instantly making your website more interactive and entertaining. Contact us to learn more.