A Coca-Cola ad with an embedded Captionable word game

As Portugal celebrated national victory in the UEFA EURO 2016 games, Captionable also celebrated a big win! During the games Captionable’s special widget for “gamefying” ads starred on the UEFA website. Results were outstanding!

Captionable ad campaign

Captionable’s ad was part of Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” music promotion in partnership with the artist Avicii. Ad viewers had the chance to solve Coca-Cola’s caption. After solving the word puzzle, they were prompted to download Avicii’s song Taste The Feeling. And download they did!

The Coca-Cola campaign helped test Captionable’s unique potential to engage fans as compared with traditional online ad banners. With Captionable interactive ads, viewers spent about six to seven times longer with the image before moving to the final destination page. More time spent means a deeper emotional connection with the audience and a bigger brand impact.

Captionable looks forward to additional corporate and non-profit partnerships for ad gamefication. Contact us today to collaborate!

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