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Picture It: A “Golden Girls” Trivia Challenge

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Keep sharp with Golden Girls trivia games! “Word smarts” are all you need to win. 1. Blanche’s Fairytale Fantasy Blanche Devereaux has many interests. Lots of these interests are men. Blanche appreciates a wide variety of real-life men such as: fishermen; sailors; waiters in tight pants; Harry the pediatrician; sweaty Argentinian cowboys whippin’ things; and Alex Trebek. […]

Celebrity trivia games headline over Barbara Eden

Celebrity Trivia Games! Classic TV Crushes Edition

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With Valentine’s Day spirit, here we share celebrity trivia games made from pictures of classic TV crushes. Can you name each star’s famous character from the 1980s or earlier? Click a photo to play celebrity trivia! Games are by Captionable player TV Trivia.  1. Maureen McCormick Maureen McCormick became a classic TV crush circa 1970. In […]