A Coca-Cola ad with an embedded Captionable word game

Captionable Interactive Ad Scores For UEFA EURO Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” Campaign

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As Portugal celebrated national victory in the UEFA EURO 2016 games, Captionable also celebrated a big win! During the games Captionable’s special widget for “gamefying” ads starred on the UEFA website. Results were outstanding! Captionable’s ad was part of Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” music promotion in partnership with the artist Avicii. Ad viewers had the […]

A woman caffeinates and becomes a goddess

Your Life is So Captionable

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What’s Captionable? Captionable is a social word game. Imagine something like Instagram but with a focus on being clever… and where you PLAY posts! You can also SHARE posts to other networks and embed them on your website as instant word games. To make a free word game in Captionable, start with an iPhone pic. […]