Eddie Vedder walks into a word game

How well can you name Hollywood celebrities? How about historical faces? Test yourself with QuizMe celebrity caption games!


These celebrity word games were created with the free Captionable app for iOS.

The Latest QuizMe Celebrity Caption Games

Browsing pictures of celebrities is fun, but PLAYING those pics is even more entertaining. Every day on Captionable the QuizMe account posts a new guessing game with a celebrity photo. Visit to play word games about actors, directors, fictional characters, fashion models and historical figures. These quick word games can jump-start your brain and also help you train for trivia games! QuizMe shares word games about lesser-known public figures as well as major stars.

Celebrity birthdays are sometimes inspiration for QuizMe games. Celebrity shenanigans are inspiration too; if someone makes the tabloids, that’s Captionable!

Another fun theme is #WhenTheyWereYoung. Celebrity caption games with this hashtag show pictures of celebrities when they were cute kids, awkward teenagers, or just starting their careers.

Famous Faces




Finally, #ThisDayInHistory is also a popular theme for QuizMe celebrity games. These caption games tend to be the most challenging.

Start each day with a celebrity caption game! Captionable gives you a fun & free brain workout anytime.

Link: QuizMe celebrity caption games

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