Friends camping and relaxing. A gentleman smokes an unknown substance.

Most of us might say that we appreciate the outdoors and that we even “love” nature. But what about backpacking across miles of trails with no other humans in sight? You like camping? What about backcountry, roughing it, no shower, dirt and grime real camping? Spelunking? What about dedicating every moment of your downtime to exploring the uninhabited natural places in this world and loving every moment of it? Meet Calvin Bond. He runs the SporkandFlask Captionable account where you can follow his adventures through word puzzles.

Calvin is a talented photographer, and he posts images from around the United States. While he hasn’t visited every National Park in the country, he’s visited most of them and posted at least one Captionable puzzle along the way. You’ll also follow his adventures on the road and down time with his camping buddies. Ever wonder what serious hikers pack? Well, let’s just say it includes a lot of socks, snickers bars and peanut butter.

This Captionable account is more than just picture puzzles about hiking and camping. The way Calvin utilizes Captionable to share his story through interactive images makes his adventures really stand out. This is unlike any other form of storytelling. Each caption is an window into his continuing adventures and each time you play you’re actively engaging with his story. That engagement is what imprints the story into your mind and creates memorable moments. Captionable stories stick with you unlike passively browsing a person’s Flckr or Instagram account. These scenic snapshots end up being meaningful as well as exercising your brain at the same time.

Follow Calvin and his friends on Captionable and check out his personal website and blog while you’re at it. 😉




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