Sampler of free Valentine ecard games by Captionable players

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, the right ecard can help your holiday along. Below are Valentine’s Day word games you can share as ecards! Find free valentine ecard games for your sweetheart, friends or kids. No download required to send or play.  

Funny Pug Valentine eCard Game

Do you live the pug life? This one’s for you!

Hover your cursor over the picture to play the pug Valentine caption game. A drop-down keyboard will let you guess letters. If you guess five letters wrong, the caption will auto-fill.

You can share the pug valentine with in-game share options… or just copy & paste the URL for this card:

Or… turn your own dog photos into Captionable greeting cards! It’s quick and easy with our free iOS app.

Hillary Clinton Valentine eCard Game

Hillary Clinton has a Valentine’s Day message!

This free Valentine’s Day e-card game would likely be well-received regardless of one’s political orientation.

You can share the fun with the URL

The Hillary ecard game is also posted by its creator at There you can see a real Hillary Clinton valentine from February 14, 2016 too.

Adorable Valentine eCard for Friends

When you care enough to send a cute Valentine ecard… but not the romantic kind… here you go.

The caption game solution is “TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEEPS!”

Share this cute valentine caption game to brighten a friend’s Valentine’s Day. The URL is

Joey Friends Valentine eCard Game

Joey Tribbiani likes food a lot. Normally he doesn’t share his plate. Are you like Joey? On Valentine’s Day, let a friend know they’re special!

The Joey valentine game is posted on our game site at

Or how about a flirty “How YOU doin’?” Joey caption game? Make the free valentine ecard in under a minute with the Captionable app for iOS.

Sweet Romantic Valentine eCard Game

Lovebirds caption game! Share the “HOME SWEET HOME” caption game as an ecard on Valentine’s Day or anytime.

This card’s online nest is at It’s part of the small but sweet Captionable user account FreeValentines.

Rose Nylund eCard Game

It’s Betty White as Rose Nylund! For millions of Golden Girls fans, this valentine would surely bring a smile.

This Rose Nylund meme game has its own page at

Romantic Penguin Valentine’s Day eCard

Are penguins old-fashioned romantics? Each penguin species has its own traditions, but yes… most penguin cultures are supportive of couples. A penguin pair mates for life, and they work together to raise their chicks. This is the life pattern for African penguins and three other species: Gentoo, Magellanic and Royal.

The exceptions are Emperor penguins. With Emperor penguins we tend to hear about one hot-and-heavy relationship after another… Valentine’s Day isn’t really meant for them!

This penguin valentine game has its own page at

To find more Captionable valentine ecards, search at or within the free Captionable app for iOS.


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