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Keep sharp with Golden Girls trivia games! “Word smarts” are all you need to win.

1. Blanche’s Fairytale Fantasy

Blanche Devereaux has many interests. Lots of these interests are men.

Blanche appreciates a wide variety of real-life men such as: fishermen; sailors; waiters in tight pants; Harry the pediatrician; sweaty Argentinian cowboys whippin’ things; and Alex Trebek.

But which fairy tale men make Blanche Devereaux hot? Click to play The Golden Girls trivia game!

2. Rose’s Talented Pet Pig

Rose Nylund is the most old-fashioned Golden Girls character. She spent her childhood in rural Minnesota, where she enjoyed caring for farm animals.

Because of Rose, sometimes farm animals stay with “the girls” in suburban Miami. One example is a chicken who played the piano. Another is a pig named Baby, whom Rose inherited.

This round of Golden Girls trivia features Lester, a pig from her childhood.

3. Rose’s Ridiculous Home

Rose Nylund is known for her stories about St. Olaf, Minnesota.

Sharing memories from her childhood, Rose teaches us that St. Olaf life is slow & simple.

The local minds are slow & simple too… or at least, they work differently. This trivia game gives a prime example!

Back in St. Olaf, where did Rose live with her husband Charlie?

4. Sophia Packs Lunch for Dorothy

Sophia Petrillo is the eldest “girl” on the show. She’s known for sharing insults, wisdom and Italian cuisine.

Cooking is among Sophia’s favorite pastimes. Nonetheless she’s been known to pack store-bought lunches for her daughter Dorothy… very odd store-bought lunches.

Sophia packed the same odd meal on two occasions: 1) Dorothy’s first day of kindergarten and 2) Dorothy’s first day as an executive teacher.

5. Golden Girls Spinoff Series

The Golden Girls first aired on NBC in 1985. Seven years later the sitcom concluded when Bea Arthur retired her role. But fans weren’t ready to say good-bye, and neither were Arthur’s co-stars.

In autumn 1992 CBS launched a spinoff of The Golden Girls. It features Blanche, Rose and Sophia operating a bed & breakfast. (Dorothy has a cameo.) The program aired for just one season.

Fans have 204 episodes to choose from: The Golden Girls set has 180, and the spinoff series has 24.

It feels greedy to want even more Golden episodes… but we do love ‘em more than cheesecake. You can play more TV trivia games at

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