What’s Captionable? Captionable is a social word game. Imagine something like Instagram but with a focus on being clever… and where you PLAY posts! You can also SHARE posts to other networks and embed them on your website as instant word games.

To make a free word game in Captionable, start with an iPhone pic. Add any caption with our free app. Include numbers, symbols and emojis. Make it a meme, inspirational quote, trivia, secret cat thoughts… whatever you like. Then share it with a friend or the whole Captionable community. Find out if people are finding your caption easy or difficult to solve and how they’re liking it. Word games have never been this personal, unique and varied. Add a caption to a picture and get your friends playing – Captionable is totally 100% free.

Besides being a stand-alone app for iOS, Captionable is included with Spanglr for iMessenger. Spanglr lets you instantly turn your photos into all kinds of different puzzle games. Visit Spangler.com for more.

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