A Word Game With Unlimited Learning Potential

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Active Engagement Social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram consume modern kids’ attention. Interacting with these apps consists of browsing through photos with not much thought or engagement. Like billboards on a highway, kids scroll past one image after another with very little interaction except for the occasional “like” button. Ay! Captionable shakes things up […]

A Coca-Cola ad with an embedded Captionable word game

Captionable Interactive Ad Scores For UEFA EURO Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” Campaign

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As Portugal celebrated national victory in the UEFA EURO 2016 games, Captionable also celebrated a big win! During the games Captionable’s special widget for “gamefying” ads starred on the UEFA website. Results were outstanding! Captionable’s ad was part of Coca-Cola’s “Taste The Feeling” music promotion in partnership with the artist Avicii. Ad viewers had the […]