A pug dog wears a sombrero for Thanksgiving, because that's what they do

Thanksgiving in the US may be in the rearview mirror but we can still enjoy some of the best Captionables of the 2017 turkey season. Here’s a look…

Every holiday season the Captionable community creates some fantastic word games. Memes and jokes are always popular but many people also use Captionable to share family moments. Thanksgiving recipes, funny sweaters, family announcements, pets (duh), and adorable kids are all great Captioanble subject matter. Enjoy a few of our favorite captions here and use our hashtag search feature on the website and the app to search “thanksgiving” for more.

More holidays of course coming up! Sharing stories through interactive posts is a unique and engaging way to spread holiday cheer! Make sure you hop on the app and post your own Captioanble moments.

Captionable tip: Did you know Captionable is one of the best platforms to get instant exposure? Most player’s very first posts get well over 100 plays while 70% of Instagram posts never even get seen. It’s so easy to create a Captionable puzzle and way more fun to PLAY than to “like”. The Captionable community is always hungry for more games to play so start spreading your message by posting on Captionable now!

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